New song for Valentine's Day.

This song is for those who long for a significant other or find themselves missing a loved one. No matter what your struggle or loss, and even without a "special someone" in your life right now, YOU ARE ALWAYS a special someone yourself. You are always worthy of being cherished and loved, including—but not exclusive to—any way you're able to love and cherish you.

Let's keep our eyes and arms open for each other.
No one's here to be alone.

Special thanks to Ivory and Ben West, without whom, this song would still be a dream.
To talented artists and photographers, Valerie Blanchett & Michelle Faber: thanks for your generosity and assistance in assembling the cover. *Checkout their work.

Finally, many thanks to those who support what I do with their listening, encouragement, purchasing power, and shoutouts. You make this possible.